Advanced Wilderness Life Support is a 4-day certification course intended exclusively for licensed medical professionals. The course curriculum attempts to strike a balance between didactic lectures and hands-on instruction to most effectively train students in managing medical situations in the remote context.

Course topics include professional wilderness management of hypothermia and cold injury, avalanche, altitude related problems, patient packaging & evacuation, medical problems, submersion injuries, lightning stikes, wound and musculoskeletal injury, wilderness medical kits, as well as sessions on basic survival and search and rescue fundamentals.

Advantages of Our Courses

Keys to Success

Our AWLS curriculum emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed by wilderness professionals, while ensuring ample time to master key skills.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors are leading experts in wilderness medicine. Learn from experienced, knowledgable instructors with a passion for austere medicine.


Gain credibility and open up new opportunities as a medical professional with recognized wilderness medicine certifications.

CME & FAWM Credits

Most of our professional courses include Category 1 CME credits and are eligible for Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine credits.

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  • The instructors were informative, encouraging, clear, helpful, and non-intimidating. Really enjoyed this course!

    AWLS participant
  • Excellent course! Nice diversity of instructors - all made fantastic contributions. I really enjoyed the mix of [...] medical expertise and backgrounds as it made for an even better learning experience.

    AWLS participant
  • SUPER WELL DONE!! Loved the practical skills sessions. I feel very confident now. The instructors were awesome! AWLS participant

  • I very much enjoyed the course and found it to be really informative. I particularly enjoyed the ample opportunity to practice - especially the night scenario.

    AWLS participant
  • Great! Good mix of teaching via lectures & skill sessions. Having many simulations was really appreciated & made for really good practice. The night simulation was FANTASTIC. Thanks for all of your hard work these last few days!

    AWLS participant
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