Our Mission

Advancing the field of Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness MD® is committed to advancing the field of Wilderness Medicine through training, consulting, and professional resources for wilderness medicine practitioners. Our deep dedication to improving the care that professionals are able to provide in the wilderness is matched with decades of medical, rescue, and backcountry experience. Our exceptional team of instructors and consultants is entirely composed of experienced medical professionals with impressive backcountry resumes and a passion for wilderness medicine.

Our Services

Lectures and Speaking

We offer professional lectures on virtually any wilderness-specific topic in medicine to organizations of all kinds, including medical schools, exploration companies, and guiding services.


Wilderness MD® offers consulting servies for guiding and exploration companies, wilderness protocols and directives, reference materials, and customized training.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors are leading experts in wilderness medicine. Learn from experienced, knowledgable instructors with a passion for austere medicine in one of our rigorous training offerings.

Professional Resources

We offer resources and tools for medical professionals to stay up-to-date with recent developments in wilderness medicine and provide the best care possible.


  • Rigorous wilderness medicine training and resources specifically and exclusively for medical professionals.